Service Area, Delivery Zones & Notable Information

Service Area

We currently service the following areas outlined below in the delivery zones.

Delivery Zones & Rates

Delivery Zone 1: Etobicoke, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton ($150 each way)
Minimum Order: $1,000

Delivery Zone 2: Scarborough, North York, Richmond Hill, Oakville ($250 each way)
Minimum Order: $1,000

Delivery Zone 3: Areas outside of the above. Pricing and project is subject to scheduling availability and scope deliberation. Booking is not guaranteed.
Minimum Order: $3,000

Notable Information

1. Property to be deep cleaned prior to staging.

2. To prevent the spread of Covid-19, we require that on installation day no other persons are  present at the property without prior consent. It is strongly preferred that only the staging team is on the premises during the install;

3. If the homeowner or realtor has specific design direction requests or require sign off on design direction, this is to be discussed and agreed upon a minimum of 5 days prior to staging day. In the event the homeowner or realtor has preferential design requests AFTER the staging is complete, a re-visit fee of $150 applies in addition to any furniture rental additions.

4. If the staging team arrives to the property and it is not in ready condition to be staged (examples: wet paint, work still in progress that interferes with the install, agreed upon furniture not being removed, personal items not packed and stored to a satisfactory/workable condition, elevator not being booked), a $250 rescheduling fee or additional work fee will be incurred. We cannot guarantee next day rescheduling requests.